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April 2019


 New to OPs?

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New to OPs? Empty
PostSubject: New to OPs?   New to OPs? Icon_minitimeFri May 16, 2014 7:43 pm

For a schedule of the Ops view calender.

If you aren't quite a 55, please refer to our leveling guide:

If you are a fresh 55, please refer to our gearing guid:

Or if you are just new to the game or do not yet have the game:
download the game at
Refer to our new player guide:

The purpose of this post is to give new players to OPs a place to learn how to run OPs in general and terminology to keep up with the guild runs and pug runs. Player's reading this guide will be more prepared and as opposed to running it without any experience and having to have it explained to you in progress on TS.

We will make every effort to provide the most up to date guides, screenshots to go along with guide for our visual learner, as well as detailed explanations. If you would like to contribute, write, or edit, please PM Spec Ops or a guild master with which guide you would like to write/edit and we will be happy to display your work with giving you credit.

LF-looking for (more) (group)
tank-high hp, high threat, players to hold aggro
heals-low hp, low suvivability, heals
dps-medium hp, high damage output
rdps-ranged dps trooper/smuggler warrior/sorcerer
mds-melee dps knight/consular agent/bounty hunter
aggro-obtaining of highest threat, only for tanks in most circumstances
phase-different stages during boss fight where mechanics must be executed
adds-adition mobs that spawn during boss phases
AoE-area of effect
kite-hold aggro while staying at max range to avoid
weekly-certain boss to down for weekly completion
full clear-all bosses downed

Putting Together an OPs
There are two OPs groups, 8 man and 16 man groups. By running 16 man groups, you will get Ultimate Commendations(see gearing guide). For each group, the composition of roles will be different as there won't be the same number of players. It goes as follow:
-2 tanks
-2 heals
-4 dps

-2 tanks
-4 heals
-10 dps

As seen, you will always have two tanks, this is a necessity for the boss phases as one will always be on the boss, and the other on the adds.
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New to OPs?
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