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April 2019


 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeFri May 16, 2014 12:45 pm

1. Harassment to other players is strictly forbidden. This includes the use of offensive, racist comments or sexually explicit language in messages, or on boards; spamming; sending unwanted messages when told to stop, etc. Light hearted banter (flaming) within the Alliance Wars forum is expected but shall exhibit a level of respect. Please mind your attitude and language at all times. Be polite and have fun.

2. Trolling (posts simply to irritate, annoying comments, or to illicit an anger response) is prohibited in any form whether written or in the form of an image. Pyramids (repeated copying of quotes) may not exceed three quote frames. All posting shall be made within "work safe" guidelines. Use of offensive language, i.e. swearing, is forbidden.

2b. When any derogatory comments, insults, etc. are directed at you or anyone else, do NOT take matters into your own hands and leave these duties to the moderators and/or admins. Do NOT retaliate as both parties will be reprimanded with the appropriate and necessary actions. If gone unchecked for too long, report the post via "report post" link found above every post.

3. Any and all images shall be posted within good taste and of sufficient size as to not create conflict with the viewing frame or site operation. This also applies to links, quotes, and URLs. Posting copyrighted material is prohibited.

4. Imping(NO NOT PLAYING EMPIRE), creating an account to falsely claim the identity of another user, is prohibited. Guest's posting are subject to immediate deletion based on content. Every player is limited to the possession of a single account and will result in ban.

5. Mod Baiting (open discussion of a previously issued moderation or administrative action) is prohibited. Contact a moderator or administrator via e-mail, pm, or other private method of communication to refute or discuss a moderation or administrative action.

6. Hacking/ Hijacking of accounts is prohibited and will result in permanent ban.

7. Real life threats shall not be tolerated from anyone for any reason.

8.Posting of private messages/emails with another player or administration or moderators is forbidden.

9. There will be no accusations of any cheating or rule infraction in the public view of the community. Posts will be edited. If you feel another player to be in violation of any rules(forum or game) contact an administrator immediately, not posting in the forums.

*Note* please post in the appropriate areas to help us reduce clutter and keep forums running smoothly.
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Forum Rules
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