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April 2019


 Pub Side Guild Bank-AUG/Kits

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Pub Side Guild Bank-AUG/Kits Empty
PostSubject: Pub Side Guild Bank-AUG/Kits   Pub Side Guild Bank-AUG/Kits Icon_minitimeFri Jun 06, 2014 1:56 am

If you are not already aware of it yet, We haveLOTS OF AUGMENTS AND AUGMENT KITS IN OUR PUB SIDE GUILD BANK!!! if you would like one, we are taking small donations of the the half the cost for either the kit and/or augment. that means, if Advanced Might Augment 28 is 70k, donate 35k. If MK-9 Augmentation Kit is 50k, donate 25k. If you want both, donate 60k. Since only Majors and above can acess this bay, speak with one when they are on, and ALL will be happy to assist you.
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Pub Side Guild Bank-AUG/Kits
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